This week in Young Adult service we spoke EVANGELISM! The what, the who, the when, the where and the why! Our Young Adult leader Raquel brought fire to the pulpit as she preached what is our FIRST calling as Christians! Over the last few weeks we have talked about purpose, knowing God and serving Him … Continue reading Evangelism

Jesus at the centre of it all!

For the last few months, after a few challenges conversations at work and with non-Christian friends, I had been feeling the urge to get deeper into God's word, understand Christ and Christianity more and have a deeper revelation of Christ and the kingdom of God. Don't get me wrong not purely so that I could … Continue reading Jesus at the centre of it all!

A tale of two marriages (2)

The hot topic this week was the Royal wedding; all over social media pictures flooded the internet as everybody's favourite royal Prince Harry married the beautiful Meghan Markle! Women everywhere melted as Harry looked his lovestruck wife-to-be in the eyes and said: " You look amazing. I am so lucky." We all gushed and sighed, … Continue reading A tale of two marriages (2)

The Living Word!

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" -Every child at SOME point in their childhood! (...and maybe even some adults after a long day at the office.) In a world where social media is king and apps such as Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter mean that everyone has an … Continue reading The Living Word!

Confrontational Love!

Confrontation! Life is full of it. In every phase and every walk of life it is unavoidable! And with that in mind it is fair to say that at some point we all find ourselves in situations that require confrontation! Whether it is with relationships, in the workplace or during the savagery that is rush … Continue reading Confrontational Love!

The Encounter

There's something about experiencing something for yourself that gives you a different kind of witness, a passion with which you can testify about your experience, simply because it's your experience. I remember back in the day , being in school, and there being NOTHING worse than missing a big party or big event (which was … Continue reading The Encounter

Deal or No Deal?

In this week's sermon our young adult leader Jude cast our minds back to the hit tv show: "Deal or no Deal". In Deal or no Deal; The contestant would be offered tempting deals from the "banker" and had the option of either accepting the offer the banker had made and walking away or rejecting … Continue reading Deal or No Deal?